Sep 3, 2009


yeah.tarikh hari can i say is; it's just like i'm a dumb.mybe dump.huh!
act, i admt's my fault.and i've said "i'm sorry nabila.sakit kee?sorrylahh"
really.i've said those words.humm.but,it's weird.why my friends laugh laugh laugh and laugh.after laughed at me, they recall wht i've done to her.too many tymes.
you knw what? you really hv switch on the 'anger' inside my blood. but, i controlled it. if not, i'm not sure wht i'll do to all of you.i'm not in mood a shytt! uhh!
just keep quiet.don't hv to repeat tht incident with your own mouth.i'm human.and i do mistakes.don't you?