Jun 16, 2010

brownish eyes :)

it is not i wish to be;
the murderer

i used to think about the blood
somewhere it will flow out from the skin of that person
the heart-beat --stop
no last question i ask
just that person begging so hard;
"can i have only few second to say that i love you?"

it is too late
it is your faith
i don't even know whether it is true or just another fake
give me hopes then ruin all with one shake

pity you poor you
nobody want to help you,not even one
close your eyes ;everything will be fine
i promise you this is how you want me to prove

before i knew that you will smash me into pieces,
i give you heart and you take it nicely;
only with small thunder,followed by the storm hug
you let me go just with one reason;
"we are not mean together,find another"

what the hell are you talking about?
the dreams,promises,and huge love
all of these i thought you are the Prince
and i am wrong cause you are just too silly;
too fool because i am in love with you

you are begging and look into my eyes; with blood flow too fast
"my baby i wont hurt you anymore, forever last"
no worry,this knife wont hurt you
just a bit pain you will sleep; thats true
goodnight sweetdream wish you will wake up and smile
my last words;
thanks for everything that you mean for a while
cause i keep it till i die;