Sep 18, 2010

six letters,

being honest;

no calculation,
no mathematical problems,
no theories to remember,
no story to keep on reading,
no lab to make sure it is work,
no machine to study,
no poems to understand,
no grammar to get the full marks,
no chemical things to pour in test tube and say "whoa! yes,she is honest,he is honest"
no essay to write with 350 words or more,
no calculator involved,
no formula to keep in mind and tell people " you know what is the formula of being honest? i do!"

no such things,people.

does not need any money to prove it,does not need any beautiful/handsome faces to prove it,does not need any expensive things to prove it,does not need anything that is belongs to richer people only.

honest do speak.honest has its own words to say.honest can be seen through your heart not your credit card.

honest is not a thing that can buy with your daddy's money.
honest is not a thing.
it cant be cant be touch.

honest is beautiful than what you always say that are always fake.
honest is the price that you have to pay when you with me.
im sorry if this has burden you much,because this is what i really need in my life :)