Nov 4, 2010


a little fairy sits on a branch. a little fairy gives her hopes to someone. a little fairy with her long curly black hair looks up and writes her-only-one-little-tiny-pieces of her smile,

"she cries in the mist, she dies without justice.she is.
when the tears hug the smile,none of love can touch her heart.
when the tears be her sunshine, none of smile can build the soul.
when the tears lead her to The Hopes, none of stars can be the thoughts.
when the tears be the friend of the fears, none of colours can guide her to go home.
So, she cries. then she dies; with full of dust in her heart."

then, the little fairy looks down, and gives down all her hopes to the dead-soul. and, the little fairy jumps onto her-own smile,she lies.