Dec 31, 2010


kawan terbaik.
"smile and everything will be okay"
"go fight fight!"

we're not too close,dont have specific time to talk about anything,
when the time showed 7.15, assembly
10.20,rest,but both of you at KO-OP.
and,im still loyal to the canteen.

yes.we're close,very very close,as we're sat together,in the class.
beside each other,
but,no talk.
as i entered the class,teacher started teaching.
as teacher went out,you did your work,i did mine.
and,yes,we fought.
because perhaps the word "JEALOUS"
you knew the addmaths earlier than me,
you knew the chemistry much more earlier than me,
you had finished your topic,but not me.
i didnt mean to scold you when i shut my mouth -,-'

thanks for being one of my bestfriends,
thanks for still keeping my top secret :)

eye (II)

these are her names,

you sat behind me,
always felt you kicked my chair,my bag,
but it's okay ;)

we're not the closest friend,not even once.
because,i thought maybe our thoughts are at the different line,
you are books.
im imaginations.
you are internet.
im illusions.
you are science.
im paper.
you are the brain.
im the whiteboard.

your jokes had hurt me,your words had been my nightmare
these were the colours of my days.

i knew her name,
i knew her uniform,
i knew her face,
i knew her smile,
she is the brain too,
the books

till now,
i still cant get close with you.
i dont know why,
honestly,when im with you,i feel like "im a guy"

dua orang di atas,

terima kasih menjadi kawan perpustakaan aku,
kawan makan tengah hari,
kawan jam dinding,
kawan buku-buku tebal,

terima kasih selalu ada bila aku perlukan power rangers
terima kasih selalu ada bila aku rasa nak bom kepala orang
terima kasih selalu dengar cerita yang dah boleh masuk dalam tong sampah.

we will never meet again,
never laugh together,again
never give&take again,
never punch each other brain,again.
we will always here,
in my heart
again&again :)


janganlah minum air gas COKE,
sangat tak bagus.
sangat sangat membunuh.
kalau kita jumpa lagi,
harap-harap kat tangan kau,kau pegang air tin soya atau susu Dutch Lady.

terima kasih sebab panggil aku sahabat,
tapi simpan lah perkataan tersebut.
bukan untuk aku :)

kau selalu sudi dengarkan aku cerita,
aku rasa aku sangat dihargai
terima kasih ya :)

kalau ada apa apa,
rojer-rojer lah.
aku tak janji aku akan tolong.
tapi aku akan cuba menjadi seseorang yang boleh comfort kan awak :)

maaf bro
sebab aku sangat jahat

aku pun tak tahu kenapa kau boleh ter-senarai dalam blog list penutup tirai 2010
mungkin sebab kau si bosan yang pelik.

by the way,
momen tu aku memang tak boleh lupa -,-'
sebab aku rasa kau Mr. Bajet
sorry lah
terima kasih sebab jadi kawan aku sampai sekarang :)
terima kasih sebab tak takut aku macam Encik "Amer"
*kirim salam kat dia.


the world still spinning,
the sun still gives the warmth
the sky still befriend with the ocean
the birds still in the nest
the clouds still be the shapes,

the memories will never fade away,
if they do,
please burn the film of 2010.

for being one of the haters,
one of the lovers,
one of the fools,
one of the students,
one of the liars,
one of the idiots,
one of the followers,
one of the dreamers.
one of the everything,

for being all of these,
2010,hope you will never forget Who-I-Am.