Dec 23, 2010

always,you are my Dinosaur :)

not too big,not too small,
just like a teddy and always smile.
have charming eyes,only in my heart,
when you laugh,im the invisible one :)

accidentally we meet&fight
mad at you? of course i am.
flashback what we have done,
for a short time,you have made yourself as mine.

my phone is vibrating and your name appear
we talk like a monster and fight about her,
i told you "dont be afraid,she is just a girl"
you look down& "can we avoid her?"

it is funny when you ask me to be your PA,
i thought thats only our imagination to have a smile,
and you call me "hey princess" for many many times,
so i guess thats the answer that im waiting for a mile :)

basketball's player oh i admire the most
always thought i wouldnt meet,but now you are here
"can we play together?"
"i will teach you later"

when im at the library,i thought im alone with my buddies
again my phone is dancing and letter 'R' is at the middle of your name,
"hey my princess where have you been?"
"im here,always at the library"
"it's okay then,see you later"
and i look back,you are standing with your calculator :)

there's one thing that make you as my superdino,
it was when we had lunch together,and i almost fell,
you looked at me, "you fall, i wont help"
"it's okay,i dont ask that much"
and i saw your face with fulled of worries :)

hey my prince,obviously you drag me in,
drag me into your heart through that vein,
when im reading,you kick my leg,
when im asking and scolded you baby,
you keep on silence "i just wanna see your face"

my sepet,your words always make me sad,
when i ask "till when"
you just tell, "i dont even know"
but when i dont reply
you call me and "just pray we are meant together"

both of us know,
you have my heart,i have yours
you are my heart,i am yours
you love my smile,i love you just the way you are.

thanks for being my DINOSAUR :)