Dec 10, 2010


should i call this freedom?

freedom is not
a reason to stay alive,
a food to full the stomach,
a dream to keep on moving,
a life to give the breathe,
a heart-beat to think twice,
a miracle to jump high,
a laugh to enjoy the nightmare,
a song with tuneless melody.

freedom is
an empty smile with the fool jokes,
an empty joy with a fool laugh,
an empty thought with a fool proud,
an empty love with a fool hug,
an empty sunshine with the fool wishes,
an empty life with a lot of lies.

I have a friend,his name is Freedom and he asks me what he has to do to make people stay away from him,because
people become too violent,too un-appreciate,unpredictable,murderer
just to grab him in their life,
just like what i had done to my own life to write his name in my diary.
I am not satisfied.