Dec 11, 2010

IF there is no word "IF"

If i can hold you in my arm,
if i can be the only one that you will see when it is sunrise,
if i can touch your words with my little smile,
if i can hug you while you are busy with your nightmare,
if i can kiss your tears and wipe your fears with my tiny ears,
if i can give you comfort with the truth you only know,
if i can lend you a life without care how much i have to sacrifice,
if i can rise you up with my own laugh,
if i can write you a poem "I Love You Accidentally"
if i can sing you a song tittled "Only Time and Space Between Us"
if i can tell you a bedtime story while you are crying,
if i can let you in my mind for every second i breathe,
if i can hold your hands while you are listening another voices,

if i can be someone that can be your something,
if i can be someone that will be your everything,
but now,
it is just "IF"
and IF i still breathing
this will be the moments
the moments that will never die,
will never die with the time.

time does need a space to realize how special you are in my life
my little sunshine <3

does a rainbow know how frequent your songs played in my tears?