Dec 24, 2010

je t'aime :)

"i wanna tell you something,but im afraid baby"

"it's okay,just finish your sentences and i will be okay"

"it is hard for me to let you know this,"

"till when you wanna hide it from me?"

"im not sure,but "

"i will try to understand you honey"

"it is not what you are thinking about,"

"and i guess,it is."

"it is all about my family,"

"oh my dear,it is all about you."

"can you just be my friend?"

"why not?"

"best friend?"


"thank you dear"

"my pleasure"


*text-ing my friend,

"i thought this would never happen"


"he asks me to be his friend,best friend"

"whats the problem? i dont get it,seriously,"

"he says this is family's problem,but i think this is his problem"

"sorry,not too clear,"

"okay okay,he didnt love me,and he admits that"

"what about all the things that he had done to you?"

"we cant buy love with things,not even sell it,"

"so,the end?"

"im not giving up,"

"just let him go,he's not deserves for you"

"i will try babe,"

"you always,"


*receive-ing calling from Mr. A


"hey wassup girl,watcha doing?"

"listening to music,"

"have you seen Santa? He is in blue this year!"

"why not in green?"


guess what?
my heart always CORRECT, :)

im receiving his message today,tonight,

"hey my best friend! how are you?"

"not really enjoy this day,"


"for what?"


"so,hows your princess?"

"she's fine,but she is angry with me,"

"why?you want me to help you?"


"tell me her attitude,"

"she is soft-heart-ed girl,easily to coax, but not for these 2-3 days."

"call her,tell her the truth that we have nothing,not even in relationship from the beginning"

"i've told her,but she stills cant accept im not officially yours"

"hey,coax her by using your heart,not words"

"i will try,"

"try your best!"

"kinda tired,"

"if you really love her,the word 'tired' is not in your dictionary"

"okay then"



sometimes we dont get what we really want,
we make hopes and wishes to the wishes stars,
and,we dont even get them,sometimes not even ONE of them.

love has no rule(S)
if we really love somebody and we cant make him/her as ours
dont try to kill your heart,it is useless.
if you feel happy when you love that person,move on.
if you enjoy your life while thinking bout your ex-lover,go on.
if these kill you in silence,
stop it and look forward.