Dec 16, 2010


yet,no one knows how hard i have to live today,how long i can breathe yesterday,how far i can shut up my tears from dropping. it is not impossible,as i can turn you off,yes,OFF :')
just take your time,just try to imagine,

"rainbow can disappear,but not the sky. heavy rain can stop immediately,but not the sky.sunshine can hide itself,but not the sky. and,this is how you have turn my heart into the sky ;) "

and,how perfect you had created my smile before,
you have perfectly created my tears now&forever :)

let me borrow your eyes,your ears and your heart,just let me borrow them for a minute,

your eyes; let they see what i have done for you,even when you are sleeping,

your ears; let they hear,what i have asked Allah,not only for two of us,

your heart; let it knows how hard i have to stand&breathe to accept the 'AWAKEN'

and,maybe this is the last time i have to say "I AM SORRY FOR EVERYTHING" because i have no chance to say these words ;after i have posted this :)

i will stand,and walk.