Dec 16, 2010

tell me,

and, i wish, "love-rain will fall onto me,into my heart-beat".

and,it disappears;for a long time,disappears as it doesnt even know me,know who i am,

will the heart-shape full filled the shapes in this miserable thought? it cant,not even once.
you have made it lost,you have made it as my nightmare,you have made it belong to other(s)
i disagree,,

hey you,
listen here,listen to me,
im writing you a note,not an essay,
im singing you a song,not a poem,
im wishing you will be here,not with other girls
im hoping,not thinking
im praying,not mumbling.

how far i have to go,it doesnt matter,until i get you in my arm,
yes,i wont stop even after i die,
i promise you this,
i promise you those words i have made
before you know how much i love you till the end,
till i meet you and give you a tape that has recorded my steps just to meet you,
meet you my love,
meet you.