Dec 21, 2010

think? think it triple twice ;D

need another rainbow? sure,i really need it,but of course i have it always and forever :)

think that i will fall down? fall into the mud that you have created? you are absolutely wrong :)

think that i may fall in love with you ONCE again? fall in love with a person that had tuned my mind into another robot's character? you are not in the right track baby ;)

think that i will miss you a lot? miss you without care how much i have to be a heart's donor? think it twice ;)

think that i will crave your name on my wrist and have fun with the flowing blood? your name are not supposed to be here,not even once :)

think that i will cry and have a lot of time to think about our memories? should i waste my time to take a long travel just to flashback what we had been through together?

think that i will create a novel just to keep our love story that has totally ruined by your own promises? it is better if i write my own new love story with my own colours :)

think that i will be the weakest girl that will think about you all the time? hey boy,i am tough,dont you remember? ;)

think that i will put your photo as the wallpaper&screen saver? think that i will easily let the virus(es) kill my phone?

think that i will hug my friends and tell them "hey guys,i have lost my prince,he is the only one that can make me smile&laugh" . dont you think i will say, "hey guys,i have lost him,the person that i should not know,the person that know nothing about feeling :) "

think that i will suicide? should i be my own murderer just for the boy that care nothing about me? enough for the sin(S) that i've made,enough.

think that i will stay here and wait for you till the end of my life? i have a lot of works to do,and seriously, i dont wanna waste my time,seriouslllllyyy :)

think that i will make a wish to have you once again in my life? i wont ask more from Him,enough for me to ask Him to always protect you&your family members.

think that i will always imagine about the moments; we laugh,jokes,moody,lost hopes. seriously, i cant remember those things,as i knew your promises are the poisons :)

i have a heart;
and it is not for keeping the film.

i have two ears;
and they are not for listening to your broken promises.

i have a smile;
i have a smile;
and i knew that
i would never glance at you&smile from ear to ear.
i would never use it to wipe your tears,
smile is just a word,not the action.

i have two eyes;
and they are not for looking at your voice,
searching for the stars&rainbow,
for the miracle only He knows :)


by the way,
honestly,does this blog is scary?
someone told me,that you've said that word ;)