Jan 20, 2011

History Never Dies.

Each time I see your face in the photograph,

It makes me think of you over and over.

Our love and your love,

Means everything to me.

But not being able to feel your touch,

Is one thing that hurts me much.

I think about you everyday,

Each time I wake up and went to sleep at night.

All the things that you say,

All the things that you do,

Makes me always happy and inspired,

No matter how far you are.

But sometimes the distance that separates us,

Makes me think "are we really meant for each other?"

This thousand miles that separates us,

Makes me cry and sad all the time.

Not being able to hug you,

To touch your face and to kiss you.

It makes my heart weak and rip.

But I tried to be strong each day.

The distance that separates us,

Never be the hindrance at all.

For our love for each other

Is true and real and nothing can compare.

I dream of one day you'll take me away,

Cause this life is for you and for me.

This is what I dream to see.

No matter the distance we have.
Even though I am far from you..

I love you with all my strength.

Ask the sleepless nights I've spent for you..

Ask the miles I've walked for you..

Ask the kilometres that my love travels every second

Ask every single drop of tear I've shed for you..

Ask every drop of blood that came through my nose..

Ask all the days I've gone without eating..

Ask every single day since I've known you..

how much love I've given you.

I will stand by you, stand up for you.

On some days you will feel discouraged..

You will be tempted by the evil..

You will lose hope.

But remember, you sink I sink with you too.

But I won't let go.

I won't give up the fight, I'll go the distance.

this is not mine,only that person know,where this come from,dan daripada siapa kepada siapa,you know it,right? ;)