Jan 11, 2011


may be the blood,may be the luck.
but sometime i think it is SUCK.

little monster may look different as it is in jocund,
or perhaps i want it to be in the loser mood.

sounds good,and the happier moment i want it to be,
but people think you are dirty.

full of peace,
but still i hate peas.

wont forget how long you have been up there,
but then you are in black,i cant still accept the fact.

i dont even know you,not even the colour,
i wish i can split it on my paper,in accident or a second.

too dark to be mine,gloomy all day long,
people still love you,but i cant be one of the lover,
as i have to listen "it is a colour"


rainbow is not always clear,
not always here.
it appears then disappears.

it is an illusion
but still has a function;
people will smile and have no reason
no reason to wet by tears.

i have a colour,
only a colour.
but it has many layers,
i called it "silver lining"

every cloud has a silver lining

suka hati la nak post apa =,=