Jan 13, 2011

my wishes on YOUR birthday,


i dont even know you, not even your name.

i could control myself from falling in love with you,on that day.

your number would never exist in my phone memory & my mind.

you dont make a step to proceed the next love's letter,and send to me.

i would not agree to meet you at there, being speechless while you are staring at me with your brownish eyes.

i could only text you only at night wishing sweet dreams,not till the midnight telling a dream.

my friends would not tease me with you,that made me feel you like me more than i do.

i could hide my feelings toward you by not giving the teddy of mine,that now you have uploaded it in your facebook.

i would not wake up early in the morning just to cook spaghetti for you,your favorite's one,and hearing you say "it is delicious,will you make another one,my dear?"

i would never bake that worst cheese cake,that you had eaten by knowing my love not that too worst.

i would not still saving the letters you wrote to me,and your photo still in my wallet.

i could stop my heart from missing you,my mind from thinking about you,my lips from saying your name.

i could delete your photos you sent to me before,before i knew you still love me like i do miss you.

i wish

i could avoid myself from knowing you are taken.

i wish i can wish you "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and
telling you i miss your messy smile,your messy love.
14th January 2011

i really really wish,you will read these,and send me a message "thanks for the wishes,Zimbabwe misses you a lot, "