Jan 28, 2011


Simple "hye" just pass me by,
but then i reply,
you call me baby,you give me another try.
try to trust another love that will make me cry.

the hopes are always in your lips,
when your voice keeps giving me the heart-beat,
then i slowly noticed,
im falling in love with you,oh yeah too deep.

skies and time,everything sings like crazy,
you say that im pretty,
oh im not sure if this is the reality
oh again and again just like another silly.

you turn me around and around,
when i fall,you fall too on the ground,
we laugh and give the sound,
the sound of joy that never let me down.

ohh my darling dont stop lying,
even i know the truth is coming,
but please baby please,im not crying,
if you ever know how much im trying.

so let the flow of our love grows,
the memories;i will never throw
just give me the space so i can blow,
blow you up,out that door.

just imagine how hurt i do feel,when you are still in love with your old memory

**i made it by my own.so you know im surviving,like the melody keeps on singing.