Jan 2, 2011

yes you are :)

He is not a tourism guide,
but he stills shows me the right way how to walk&run
without cares people talking behind.

He is not a professor,
but he stills teaches me the good manner,
without let people see me with free hair,un-dressed.

He is not an engineer,
but he gives me the best machine,
"follow the rule,you will never be wrong"

He is not a doctor,
but he keeps on asking me
"have you eaten? have you tidy your room? have you washed the dishes? have you studied today?"

He is not a lecturer,
but he gives me too much notes
too much reminders,
"if i see you hang out with boys,i will just let you stay at home.no more friends"

He is not a CEO,
but he demands me,gives me money,gives me a place to stay,
and keeps on saying
"i demand you to do all the works,why dont you do those things?"

He is not a Prime Minister,
but he lets me free from war,
lets me study in a great school,
even he doesnt not have much time to be together with me.

for the first time,
he hugs me in a hall when the motivator asked my friends and I to find our parents
and made promises to them,
i came to him and i guessed "would he hug me?"
yes he did :')

His salary is not too much,
his occupation is just a teacher,
and because of these,
he is the great father i ever had.

*even sometime i do hate him. im sorry daddy.