Feb 7, 2011

Again It Comes

time flies too fast,
people change like a blast.
too much part
part in the past that bring a dust.

i am a strong one,inside.
but then at certain time,i have already died.
by hook or by crook,perfectly im done.
done by being your only Bride-That-Cry.

the more you say,the less i feel,
stop saying "I Love You More Than Everything"
because that words are the painting;
painting that may fade away & keep on fading.

you teach me to be a dreamer,
dreams and smile without care the pain that come nearer & nearer
you hold the glass and say "be like the mirror,"
"mirror that reflect the most unseen tears"

the dreams we share,the dreams we have
i demand you to stare at the moments we grab,
imagine the way you laugh worst than Shrek;
when you drastically take them back.

im not begging you,im not
i just wish your heart have been knocked
by something that will give you a note;
"take care & have fun with your own throat"

and time slowly leaves the space,
the space where we meet & kiss the face
the face of your love that will never be replaced.

to the space and time, please bring back the sunshine of mine. my own new-lost-diary.please.


p/s: cantik tali leher awak,saya suka.pakailah selalu (: