Feb 7, 2011

Betty Made Some Butter But The Butter Was So Bitter So Betty Made The Other Butter To Make The Bitter Butter Better

people wont see me,my face not even my smile;
but they do feel that im happy for who i am.
they know that im perfectly have been coloured by my own dreams,
too colourful,and too true :)

sometime i think "people are always beautiful but not me"
but then,people themselves show to me how their beauty fades & rusting
fades and rusting when they just sell it and have a billion zillion money for it;
but not the million trillion love from someone that i call the person is

i cant smile easily,
but i do laugh loudly.

i dont have much money,
but i have my heart-beating.

im not involve in modeling,
but im involving myself in day-dreaming.

i can forget how to cook curry for two weeks,
but i do remember the way my mum gives her love towards me.

i sometime get mad like crazy,
but every single time i do try to learn from my mistakes.

i have many haters,
but i dont have the shit manners.

Laugh & Cry are my bestfriends,
Joke & Hurt are my partners,
without them i may not have a sound;
sound of joy appreciating Allah's gifts.

and now,
i just can imagine
how i have a pair of wing,
to fly and get free from the crowded of a jerk people thoughts on me.

Have A Long Lasting Smile Not From People's Suffering;
But From Myself That Is Surviving.