Feb 14, 2011

Postman,please send this to someone there. Yes,that wearing white shirt & white pants.and,the tiger's badge :)

Dear You,

where have you been my little prince? im waiting you,for hours,for days,perhaps for a year. i wish you will never skip your meal,prayer and your rest time. and, enjoy your study,your training and your wishes. make them become true,like what i did :) --the result, i found you.

by the way, thanks for the day. thanks for coming too sudden,and gave me the chocolate,it was melting,just like my heart-beat. and, thanks again,for giving me a chance to accompany you,be by your side when everyone around you just thumbs down toward me,because you are the prince,and im a girl that wearing a smile on my journey; not on my face,like what you did :)

and, hope you are always fine,and have a good day,time and laugh. i know you will,i know you have :) .

have you read my message i sent last night? yes,that message. till now,this another night come,i still didnt get any text from you. oh,i know you're kinda busy,prefect :)

my day -- if you ask what i have done to my day (your favourite question)
as usual, i sleep,online,blogging,viewing your Silent-Photos,reading your Unspoken-Messages,kissing your Red In Colour Of Yours Blazer Photo,and dreaming our Time-Wishes.

yes,i still waiting the answer from my one question for you last night. just a question,but you need a day,or a life to give the answer. never mind , as long as you be honest. that is the best love i want :)

if you have forgotten the question,let me repeat it in this Untitled-Letter,
"I have exist in your life,appear in your time.do you regret of my emergence in your mind?"

i think i should stop writing,as you dont have much time to read all of these. yes,your time is a gold,your fiat sapienta virtus.your soul. dont worry, i will repay your time,later.

have a big smile,my only one, :) your journey,your past-time,i will never disturb. I Promise :)
And, Im sorry I Love You.

With Lots Of Love And Lots Of Cares,
Lina Jalil (;