Feb 28, 2011


i have a story.a REAL story.and my story is always a FANTASY with AMAZING drama.

i have known several people.a REAL people.and the people are always the TOYS with LIARS.

my life is fulled with LAUGHS,HAPPINESS and SMILES.
my dreams are covered with little PRINCESS & PRINCE, MUM'S HUG and FAIRYTALE.

"you are good enough to have this life,lina"

"yes it is. until you feel what your heart cant"

"heart cant feel? ridiculous !"

"thats my real smile. RIDICULOUS"

if you wish to be someone,dont too rush.dont too fast.

if you think my stories are too COLOURFUL,yes.too TRUE.
just when i tell you with a smile to cover the tears from dropping & wet my face.

no! please dont feel SYMPATHY. i dont need that feeling :)

yes! try to feel AWESOME. i need that support :)

you can make a fool,
you can tell me lies.
but you cant give the bullshhh
just to let me cry.

you come too sudden,
you disappear & leave nothing
i feel "im strong enough"
to have this feeling.

feel PROUD of myself for giving THUMBS UP to my journey.even there's always cracking and crushing now and always.

just GRATEFUL that im still ALIVE to feel
"thanks God,You make me more STRONGER than before"