Feb 13, 2011

Take A Note : ILoveYou

should i ?

be a girl who walks slowly
bring a teddy along the journey
calling friends and ask them "wheres the party?"
and changing the route , "im on my way"
but im waiting my honey at the beach called See-Me

should i ?

be a girl that wears t-shirt and jeans
put a smile on my face and laugh-unseen
running like crazy,pretending "im hurt,and it is nothing"
telling my buddies today is my day,enjoy and have a scene,
a scene of Cadbury-Uneaten and Wish The Memories Will Be Seen

should i ?

be a girl who keeps calm and smiling
showing to people "this is the Happy Ending"
letting friends know how is the beginning
and the result is "Im A Girl Who Likes Waiting"

should i ?

just be a girl
and a girl.
who wishes
and dreams
like nothing happens

like everything is possible; possible to be loved,to be missed and to be someone for him.

i should be a girl,

who smiles and runs
who jumps and shouts
who satisfies and grateful

for the time that He has given to me,

just dance and spinning around the people.

with the face,
"im adorable!"



p/s; awak,training orchestra baik-baik,training ragbi elok-elok,jaga diri!