Mar 1, 2011

the MIDNIGHT rhythm.

ada satu cerita aku nak kongsikan sama-sama mungkin panjang berjela, kalau tak sudi nak baca, cuba-cubalah bayangkan apa aku rasa :)

the story begin like this;
i call him and wish everything will be okay,
i ask "hey you,do you love me baby?"
he says, "i do but not like what you've imagined"

so i put a smile,
and start to laugh and wish can forget how to cry.
his voices shake the truth within the lies;
"dear I Love You,but just your life."

i listen to all his words,
the shit,damn all i heard.
i'm too cruel to appear in his world
by giving him the love that he never ever wanted.

hey little prince,hey my honey bee,
shut up please.listen to me my baby.
it's true i love you and miss the time you spend with me,
but pardon me please,
i'm not asking you to act like i'm your lady.

then he says, "now you hate me?"
with the smile i reply, "i wish to be."

too sudden you ask me,
"you are happy?"
and i laugh in tears,i laugh in crazy,
"your question kinda change my maturity"

I'm your little froggy who makes a wish
on every night with a bit of "selfish"
i want you to belong with me
please dont have a feeling toward any Princess you meet.

well the memories remain the same,
you and your ex,I'm a part in the game.

broken,do you know how it feels?
try to imagine your blood just blocking
and you have the heart-attack while you're singing.
you cant even speak,not even move your body.
just like a dead-person who wishes "why the pain must be like this?"

the ending?

if it has an end,
i won't receive your text at 6.45 am
that sound like this,
"Good morning girl,i love you damn much.take care my baby"

this is how the love story should be painted?
with too much colour that i couldnt see?
it is amazing,it is too fantasy.
thanks to you because treat me like the Princess-In-Her-Diary


terlalu panjang?
ini yang berlaku malam semalam.
orang lain tidur berdengkur melayan mimpi atau pari-pari.
aku tidur mata terbuka sambil text uzair,
"teringin nak jadi budak normal.ketawa bila gembira,menangis bila kecewa"

jam pukul 1 pagi lebih sedikit,
mesej aku dibalas,
"pergi tidur la wei,ngigau dah tu"

aku balas dan aku terlelap.
esoknya dia kata,"budak perempuan tu tak lawa ar"

dia masih diperkosa mimpi ngeri setelah aku bagi dia link malam semalam.
link yang bikin dia rasa mahu muntah tanpa ada faktor food poisoning.

sekarang,telinga aku dah berdarah,hidung aku berair.
nampak unik,kan? :D