Mar 13, 2011

you're welcome :D

i have lost my breathe,
but not the reason to live.

i have been his nightmare,perhaps.
but not a girl of his dream i guess.

well you boy,i need you to know this,
you can fool me triple twice,but please.
please just back off and leave.

do you remember? how we met?
do you remember? how hard your time can be?
when every thing is wrong,
you ask "i need someone to be by my side every minute"

with no doubt,i accept to be your buddy,
we talk about your story,
we spend the whole time with your worry.
but now,feeling changes and you hate me.

i used to be your girl in need
i used to be your friend to set free your gloomy history
i used to be your dreams to sail in the greeny field
and now,im the half of your black&white memory.

sounds like im giving up.
or a fool girl that really weak to wake up.
but in fact,in reality
im not crying not even say "he makes me fall for nothing"

HAHAHA,yes im laughing
laugh for having you when i dont even need a prince to live.
ohh wrong timing!
if you wish to come back and tell your 'honorable" feeling,
keep it in your diary,
i wont receive any note from the liar that cant appreciate the love i give.


you teach me how to have someone that really deserves.
you owe me one thing,

how to repay?
nice question.

when you give hopes to someone,make sure you really really can commit your words.
saying those sweet words is easy,
but to make them become reality is your risk.
your own risk.

if you can do that,
my time has been repaid.

*yes it is when you're serious with her.
try do it first,then you can know the level :)

*bila malam dah nak tua,mulalah perut meragam nak makanan.brrrhh !