Jun 23, 2011

fine,5 minit fikir tajuk,tak muncul muncul.kalau aku buat tajuk macam karangan,masih nampak macam tak ada tajuk.done.

when I smile,
it doesnt mean I have to follow all the rules that you have made.
your life is yours.
my life is mine.
better keep your shit behind YOUR back,
i will turn back and throw it at your face.

yes,im not like the other girls,
i cant have the dimple,but only the cutie pimples.
i cant walk with a rhythm, but set the time to run and laugh.
i cant keep myself in silence,but i can stay cool when no boys say HELLO.

please friend,
if you want to compare me with you,yourself,
no word 'surrender'.
because this is myself.
let me be myself.
dont copy mine and let it be yours.

God have created human with lots of colours.
trust me,
just be yourself,everybody will be your friend.

a friend do accept us no matter how weird our smile,laugh and style.