Jun 11, 2012

lets change the term stalker to secret admire ;)

let people hate you,
they will get tired.
let people insult you,
they will feel bored.
let people give you problems,
those will make you strong.
let people tell you lies,
those will harm them back,one day.
if these things burden you,
remember that Allah wont let you carry it,alone.
if these things bring you down,
remember that Allah will never let you fall.


dear People,
since she-cant-remember-the-date, you keep on saying harsh words to her,saying bad things about her,and sometimes you show your middle finger to her,with no reason.at all.

since she-knows-how-to-run-rather-than-walk, you stop her with sarcasm jokes, you tell her the stories about Ghost-That-Never-Exist-In-Dress, you punch at her face by laughing at all time.

since she-had-known-someone-called-Memories, you let her die violently, you give a deep-bloody scar in her wrist, you sing her a Happy Song Without Rhyme, you ask her to dance brokenly, you hit her breath by giving a shit to eat, you even try to crave an excruciating pain in her smile.

since those precious moments, she still stand and laugh. she still stand and walk. she still stand and alive. she still herself,but she has grown up to shake your hands and ask, "would you like to be one of my friends?" .

she knows how to handle you,people, without any tears.because you have taught her how to be strong enough to smile & how to be someone to no one (: