Sep 18, 2012

nice to know you,people (:

new room.
new pens.
new books.
new environment.
new people.
new friends.
new cats.
new trees.
new rain.
new rainbow.
new sky.
new broadband.
new locker.

new stories.

new chapter.

new me.

another me (:

im sorry if im not crying so hard when you hurt me.
im sorry if i cant laugh that much when you tell me a joke.
im sorry if i have my own stand when you want me to follow you.
im sorry if i have to speak the truth when all you need is a lie.
im sorry
im sorry
for not being the one that you like
for not being someone that you can play with
for not being your toy
for not being your game

im done.

be my friend & accept the real me.

be my friend & deal with my imaginations.

be my friend & correct me when im wrong.

be my friend & bring me to Jannah (: