Jan 3, 2013



what makes you fall in love too fast?


what makes you call it 'love' ?

it makes me happy.

what makes you believe it is love?

it controls me.

well thats not love,not love.at all.as what mentioned by Hilal Asyraf,
love is when it brings you close to Him.love is when it brings and guides you to Jannah.thats love.anything that take you away from Him,and bring you close to the Hell, thats not love.

"people wont feel and learn when they didnt experience the way they should"


by the way,perhaps those words wont affect you,wont wake you up.

read this book,you wont regret (:

p/s :
 buku ni akak saya beli.dan ya tu tandatangan Hilal Asyraf.suka baca pesanan dia "siapkan diri,ini bukan permainan"