Feb 14, 2013

Abu is Pak Ali's son

one day,Pak Ali's son who named Abu had a walked for a while; alone. He did not have any friend because he believed that being alone is not bad at all as he can laugh, cry, smile, scream or do anything that he wants without being distracted by others. While he was walking along the street,

 he suddenly sat and his body started shivering. He could not think, speak and had difficulty in breathing. There's no people at that place because he chose the No Entry Place so that he would not be disturbed by people. Abu felt miserable, upset, empty and those negatives feelings caught him and tied him tightly. He wanted to scream but he could not even voice out his voice.
 And then, Abu started to imagine something that he thought those imaginations could help him to remove these feelings away. In his imagination, he is flying high and high. He is trying to get something. He flies away like a Superman, Batman, Ultraman, and Other-SuperHero-Man but the different is, Abu has no special suit like them. He just has a smile and that is the only power he has to fly up up and away. Out of sudden,
 Abu woke up from his imaginations. He knew that he has to eat as his stomach was shouting out loud. Perhaps, this is the reason why Abu feels those things. He is hungry. So do I.

Good night

Sorry #Broken English. I'm learning (=

p/s : hasil lukisan akibat kebosanan yang terlampau sebenarnya.HAHA.