Feb 10, 2013

Anak Itik Tokwi Mandi Dalam Kolam

i would like to thank to you. yes, you. thank you for giving me another piece of puzzle for me to continue the journey,my own long unseen journey. but yes i keep walking.

you have given me another hard,tough times.thank you.
you have shown me The One Who Can Make You Move Forward Is Yourself And Not Other People.
you have actually taken a few moments in my dreams.thank you.
you have taught me something that i called it "If you cant run,keep walking. if you cant walk, keep crawling. if you cant crawl, keep trying."
thank you.

people might think;
i fall.
i cry.
i scream.
i lost hope.
i sit alone.
i sigh.
i take all the blame.
i hit myself.
i give up.
i text a friend of mine "i wanna die"
i die.

i beg to differ my dear people.i beg to differ.

you can think the way you want to think.
you can.
keep on thinking as the way you want to.
i cant stop you
but i can correct you; if you want me to.

by the way, congratulations, your imaginatio(s) is kinda exstreem, i salute.
let me put 'reality' in your Imagination-To-Be

yes i fall
yes i cry
yes i scream
no im not losing hope
i sit with my family,friends and cats
no i do not sigh
yes i know it is my mistake,and im trying to go to the right path
im not giving up,im not
yes i text my friend "lets eat together"
who am i to kill myself?
who am i to hurt the body that i borrow from Him?
who am i ?

killing yourself is not the way to make all the problems die.
killing yourself is not the way to run away from the problems you have made.
killing yourself is not the way.

kill your imaginations first my dear people.
that assumption(s) is too over-dose i think (=

you might ask 'to whom i say thank you?'

the answer is; myself.
i would like to thank to myself for being strong and strong after all this while (=
and even if at certain time you feel too weak, but you still can stand and smile. thank you (=

#sorry broken english.im learning by the way (=