Feb 25, 2013

exploded ,

"would you like to know more about him?"


"why? is there any man has made you fall in love? is there any man that has replaced his place?"


"So, let me guess.It is because you have lost hope?"


"or you have tried your best and get nothing?"

"I didnt try anything"

"then, why?"

"what would you feel if your existence is such an ignorance to him? what would you think if your existence has created a no-solution-problem in his life? what would you do if your existence has really really really been a huge invisible spot to him? what would you say if your existence is nothing to compare with the existence of the dust? and by the way, would you still like to drink a cup of coffee if you know how bitter it is, how sweet it is and how worse it is? not to forget, if you're a really really that 'kind' of person who can accept those weaknesses, then how did you act?"

"is there anything to do with me?"

"when you have been treated like a trash and have been throw to the dustbin, did you feel okay and fresh? did you feel energetic and good? did you feel anything?"

"why you keep on giving me the questions to my questions?"

"because you didnt know how hard i have gone through.you keep on assuming and judging. you didnt give people chance to speak. your thoughts say that 'I'm good enough at reading people's mind.' So, in a polite way, please make a judgement on my questions. let your assumptions answering my questions."

"I'm just asking you one question about him.Is there any problem? You get mad too sudden"

"that one question might lead you to another question(s). Re-think before you re-ask. I'm done."