Feb 15, 2013

tak ada kaitan dengan result.tak ada kaitan.sebab aku pun tak boleh buka esmp lagi.

did you ever feel something like these;

you read something and even the simple word can kill your mood at that time? you stare at that word(s) several times, look at it over and over again, and you heart beats faster,faster and it hurts; too painful. out of sudden, you wipe your tears. you try to act cool, breathe it, breathe out but it doesnt work. it cause much pain. you ignore those people around you,it seems like you're alone even the fact is it is crowded with people's voice. it breaks you, it breaks you. then, people say "it is okay.move on.smile" . yes you can move on, you can smile but you ask them back "did you feel the way it breaks me? did you feel the broken feelings? did you know how long i have hold on? did you know how weak i am?" and they answered "no we didnt. we cant feel the way you do. we didnt know how much the pain of your tears.but we know you're strong because you're standing in front of us,and you're saying Allah is with you,always".

whatever it is, Allah wont and never leave you alone. Tell Him everything,tell Him. He is waiting for your stories. He is waiting.