May 9, 2014

Entah bila akan dimaafkan, entah bila.

A word
can change everything &
can destroy

A word
it can be a magic &
can form a witch.

A word
should be played with it nicely ;
you will be eaten by it, horribly.

Oh my dear word(s),
a rhythm is not enough
just to express my thoughts ;
a sentence is not enough
just to describe what I was.

Should I just sit here and
read my own laughs ;
should I just watch you
drowning in your own droughts(?)

Little little words,
lemme give you a bottle
for you to be kept
and die without the air - - -


For some reasons,
'Sorry' has no meaning at all ;
'Forgive me' is just the wind that pass by ---

Oh you who read
and you who felt - -
do taste the flavor of your own words ;
so that the poisoning didnt occur - - -


For who I am
For who you are
Let's just look alive
kill the scars.