Jul 23, 2014

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Im grateful for everything.
Thank you Allah for giving me everything that I need,before I knew I needed them (:

Scrolling twitter,
Scrolling FB,
then I smile.

Congratulations to those who have got a good results
& congratulations to those who have made good efforts.

Who knows,
Nobody knows.
but He knows.

He knows
what you have done
what is/are your intention(s)
what is/are you aim(s)

Allah The Almighty, 
Allah knows.


There's someone who triggers me
to write 
to update an entry,today.

That person talks about SCHOLARSHIP :)

Well my dear,
lemme tell you one thing (perhaps many things)


"Bro,hang dapat scholar dok?"


"Eh,kenapa kau tak dapat? Aku dapat"

"Baguslah kau dapat."

"Tapi kenapa kau tak dapat?"

"Sebab, Allah nak bagi aku rezeki yang lain,mungkin?"


Those who got scholar,keep updating their status.
Good for them,but a bit upset to those who-need-it-the-most-but-rejected.


There's one thing (again) that come into my mind when
another someone says that
he/she needs to study to maintain/gain scholarship


"Pasaipa hang termenung?"

"Entah. Duk pikir, kalau depa study sebab tu,aku nak study untuk apa?"

Out of sudden, Allah sends her mum to tell this to her little daughter,

*mama is calling*
"Assalamualaikum,anak mak,tengah buat apa?"

"Waalaikumussalam mak.Takda buat apa apa. Taktau kenapa,stress sangat"

"Eh,tak study?Kata exam?"

"Study kejap je. hehe"

"Kenapa ni?"

"Entahlahh. Maaflah sebab haritu bila apply scholar,tak dapat."

"Laa.kamu sedih sebab tu ke? Kan mak dah pesan,rezeki masing masing,Allah dah tetapkan. Ada lah tu rezeki yang lain untuk kamu. Sayang mak tak?"

"Eh,mestilah sayanggggg"

"Haaa,kalau sayang,pergi study. Betulkan niat. Belajar kerana Allah. Baru senang ilmu nak masuk."

"InsyaAllah,terimakasih mak"


"Waalaikumussalam.love you"


Allah loves His slaves,isnt?
His loves are spreading, but we're too heartless to feel those He has given.

A lot of questions play in her mind,
& a lot of answer have been given to her, but still, she is too blind.


Dah 4 sem,
& thank you Allah
for let this little girl know how far she has been left behind
& how far she could be if she know she has been given too many chances by You.

"Count His blessing" is the most beautiful thing you can do,I can do, we can do
& we all have to do :)

& I would like to share this beautiful statement,
"Pursue your dreams and seek for Jannah. Thats the purpose of life" (AAMZ,2014)

Till we meet again,dear readers-who-read :)