Nov 26, 2010


hati ini dah tak punya segi,dah tak punya iri,
hati ini dah terlalu renyuk,dah sangat remuk.
hati ini sekadar cuma mencuba untuk senyum,disenyum.
hati ini makin lama makin dicuba digigit-gigit ditobek-tobek dibalik-balik.

langit itu dah mendungkan sayu, langit itu dah mendungkan ragu,langit itu dah mendungkan lagu.
apa ini suatu jalan cerita di mana segala-galanya baru bermula kisahnya;
si badut&orang-orang istana,si keldai&haiwan-haiwan di rimba?
apakah ini sebenarnya lorong dan satu pekik melolong yang dah memang patut dilaung-laung?
apakah ini sebenarnya pentas yang berkecamuk suara-suara meminta tolong pada yang menyerong?

itu hujan dah petirkan bersama-sama siuman yang entah ke mana disedut,
itu hujan dah petirkan bersama-sama lamunan yang seakan-akan cuba ditakut.
itu hujan dah petirkan guruh&salji yang tak pernah cuba memujuk.
itu hujan, itu suatu perasaan, itu suatu jeritan,atau itu suatu penipuan?

mana yang di-lambung tinggi-tinggi gunung?
mana yang di-sanjung-sanjung ?

maafkan hati yang tak pernah cuba berkata-kata,
maafkan hati yang tak pernah tahu bercerita segala,
maafkan hati yang tak pernah sedar secalit celaka,
maafkan hati yang kadang-kadangnya cuma satu peristiwa.

hari ini,lautan itu meletus.
26NOVEMBER2010/The Strangers

Nov 25, 2010

mak&ayah, maafkan saya. maafkan saya. hari ini, 25 November 2010, Sejarah sudah membunuh saya.

Nov 11, 2010

and I,

hoping to something that may be everything; and, releasing a lot of things that may be nothing.
asking about demanding, yes. i do demand you to know how hard i have to go just to grab you in my arm.
talking about forcing, yes. i do force you to think how struggle i am just to have you in my life.
mumbling about doubting,yes. i do doubt myself can i be the chosen one to have you once in my smile?

at last,
praying about my hopes, yes. i do pray for all of my hopes.i do pray just to have a soul that always positive and look forward; look in front; look for a success.

*broken english? already knows :)

Nov 7, 2010


Tutup Cerita
(question mark)

selalu tanda tanya,kadang-kadang tanda seru,jarang-jarang ada noktah.
ribut tak selalu bersama petir, gerimis tak semestinya tak guruh. paling tidak, langit tak semestinya selalu bersama kepulan kapas.

sedangkan bintang diamkan diri di siang hari? sedangkan mentari kadang tak muncul kan diri? sedangkan pelangi tak pernah kekal sampai mati?
; inikan pula angan yang entah ke-berapa kali di-mohon biar jadi kenyataan :)

tikam-tikam sampai mati,siat-siat sampai lunyai,
tak akan aku tutup cerita. ini muktamad.

Nov 4, 2010


a little fairy sits on a branch. a little fairy gives her hopes to someone. a little fairy with her long curly black hair looks up and writes her-only-one-little-tiny-pieces of her smile,

"she cries in the mist, she dies without justice.she is.
when the tears hug the smile,none of love can touch her heart.
when the tears be her sunshine, none of smile can build the soul.
when the tears lead her to The Hopes, none of stars can be the thoughts.
when the tears be the friend of the fears, none of colours can guide her to go home.
So, she cries. then she dies; with full of dust in her heart."

then, the little fairy looks down, and gives down all her hopes to the dead-soul. and, the little fairy jumps onto her-own smile,she lies.

Nov 3, 2010

not a miracle,but another obstacle

for sure,
there is a huge smile behind your screaming.
a mountain of laugh inside your crying.
a little satisfied on your track.

you dont even notice how it works; walk or run. give or get
because, you have written your own journey tittled "Up-Side-Down Little Ogre"

"make it fast. make it disappear. make it now."
monologue--only yours.

for you to realize;
"She Is Enough For A Sleep"

I am Sorry-I HAVE to write-your-fears-to-be

Nov 1, 2010


Even if i die,
will never lie.--
to what i can't deny--that memories are part of my life.

You are the only one
that have killed me; when i have done
my second wish to the rainbow of mine.

You will never say
even a word to stay.
because none of you
never betrayed
and i obeyed.

You are the memories
that keep on holding
my tears from hoping
my fears from moving
my words from breaking.

You are the memories of mine
of my own smile.
then you will be pressured; to be precious.
then you will be murdered; to stay for a moment.

You are the memories
in my diary
written by The-Old-Haunted-Worry.