Feb 16, 2016

Sincerely, me.

So, here I am. Trying to arrange the alphabets, words, or any other-unknown-letters in a story, perhaps & not in sequence.


Oh dear.
I shall not fall for you
or anyone else.
But still
I never shoot to miss.

The world, they said, full of bullshits.
I, strongly, agreed.

No one cares the scars you owned,
No one cares the wound you hide,
No one really cares the pain that holds you tight.

Oh dear, no one ever did.
Even you, yourself, somehow ignore 'em.


Since the day I knew myself;
is the day I hate me, a  lot much.

"You are a good girl, ya know?"

you know me never. Not even once.

Am not saying about the flaws
or any-physical-things.

Sins - - this is what Im talking about.
Covered; fully-covered with those stinky smelly sins.
A dead soul.
A decaying blackened heart.
& will you bear with the consequences of reading the next not-so-nice-words after this?


Twenty-three years, I count.
What (is) the good deed( ) I have done?
Not telling you coz
I know me.
I repeat --- I know me.

"Try not to think negative about yourself"

think negative & know you have done a lot of negative behaviour (bad behaviour/habit);
are two different things.

You too, have sins
but am not talking about yours
am talking about mine.
Am not comparing it(them) with yours
am comparing it(them) with the Past Me.


After all,
I shall not reveal what I have done wrong with me, with Him.


Betapa Allah itu Maha Penyayang;
Masih selalu memberikan apa yang dimintakan hambaNya (aku) yang terlalu hina ni.

To those who the heart is fully filled with the black-spots,
ask for His forgiveness.
Surely He will forgive you,surely :'(

Tell Him even He knows what have you done wrong.
Tell Him even He knows why did you did wrong.
He holds our hearts, for sure.
& a reminder for me;
"Whenever the whisper is bringing you into the darkness,